You've Found The Plains

Take residence in The Serene Valley of Grace as you live out your life as a dragon.

Time to wake up from your reality and start living in your dreams.

In a land where a former lone tree lives and mighty dragons fly freely...
Amazing stories will happen. You are entering in the twilight zone of your imagination. You are entering in...

Welcome to this Dragon RP. In this role playing site you can become any dragon species and be of any age whether you be a hatchling Western dragon or an elder Eastern dragon. Live out your life as you want. You can start a family, speak with the Elder to be granted amazing abilities, or if you're not careful, for destroying villages you could be tracked down and slain by human knights. Even if you have been slayed, do not fear. In hopes the Elder will find and revive you.




And so the cold arrives once more. Fall slowly extends itself throughout the valley as the humans and the animals prepare themselves for the upcoming winter and birds fly south for warmer lands. Nearly a year had gone by and peace rules the plains. The dragons have been very quiet in the past few seasons!



Here you can roam the vast open fields, fly the clear blue skies,  wander the vast plains,  swim the  stormy seas,  climb the high mountain peaks and even  demolish the human villages in your fiery rage! Almost any terrain in this land -in which the humans have named The Blue Fire Trench, for the former elder dragon of the land commonly used to burn the human's villages with a blue fire surrounding the dragon's paws- is free for exploring. But there is a different name for this land in which the dragons have named it. For centuries the dragons have named this land as The Serene Valley of Grace, or as they like to say, The Plains. The humans and dragons have been able to remain at peace for a while now, thanks to the Elder's efforts to bring harmony among species, but an act of ignorance from any of the species could soon change that...






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